Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where have I gone!

Just checking to let everyone know that I haven't fallen into the Abyss! lol.  My husband, myself and my kids had to evacuate out home the Sunday before Superstorm Sandy.  So as orf October 28th, I have been out of my home.  Sandy was not at all nice.  She took the 1st floor of my home and everythng inside.  All my childrens toys, dolls, movies, Wii games, not to mention all my stuff.  I was however, able to save many of my stamp sets, but that is about all.  Our computers, printers, everything.  Still not in the house, hoping to be back before Christmas.  My kids are afraid Santa will not be able to find them if they aren't in their own home.

  This is my craft room  you can see a few stamps on the floor