Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I live on the East Coast, the Jersey Shore.  While sitting on my couch planning my classes, my couch started moving.  At the same time there were 2 garbage trucks outside.  I though the couch moving was my cat under  it.  Then I looked around and my chandelier was swining back and forth, a picture fell down.  I called out to my kids who were playing.  I immediately posted "OMG I think this is an Earthquake" and within second, tons of entries started.  It was bizzar and the such a weird feeling all at the same time.  My parent were on the beach.  They said it felt like someone was tugging at their beach chairs.  My husband was in PA in a construction trailer.  They thought someone was trying to tip if over.

They say there will be aftershocks!  Oh Goodie

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