Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mini Pumpkins, Large Pumpkins/Gourds and Blessing Mix Box. The Box is filled with little goodies along with a poem.
~Blessing Mix~

The Bugles are a symbol of the Cornucopia, a horn of plenty.

The Pretzels represent arms folded in thanks and prayer.

The Candy Corn reminds us that during the first winter, the pilgrims were allowed only five kernels of corn per day because food was scarce.

The Fruit is a reminder that Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest.

The Peanuts represent seeds, the potential of the bounteous harvest for the next season if they are planted and well tended to.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Michelle said...

I made the pumpkin and mini pumpkins. Love this project had a great time!